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Home Page

This represents the shopping window for the Regal Craft Cards On-Line shop. It is designed for ease of use. Each sub-section within our site has Home Page icons, should you wish to quickly return to the Home Page.

In the left hand column, there are also icons to all key sections of the shop providing details about the Regal Craft Cards services and trading conditions.

Navigation Tips

Our online shop is designed to enable easy and fast access to all sections of our catalogue.

By clicking on the self explanatory category names in the left hand column you will be taken to the various sections of our catalogue.

There is also basic and advanced search links at the top of the page. Using these you can search for a product by code or description.

Ordering Product

When viewing a Product Page, clicking the "add to cart" button for a particular product will automatically add a quantity of one of that item to your Shopping Cart (unless otherwise specified). There is also a 'quick order' button at the top of the screen.

The Shopping Cart

On the Shopping Cart Page you can view your total purchases; check the respective details; delete an item or change the quantity you require.  A Total Price excluding freight is also shown.  When you have finished adding items to your shopping cart click the "Checkout" link to begin the process of completing and confirming your order.

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